Premier Gauge Railways - Locomotives

Electric Models

Ref Description New/SH
Marklin Maxi 'General Grant' 2-6-0 and tender (cat no 5454) Maroon livery lettered 'Central Pacific Railroad', AC/DC/Digital operation, Marklin couplers, box and operating instructions REDUCED
GER Y6 0-4-0T Upwell & Wisbech Tram loco from Wagon and Carriage Works etched brass kit, finished as No 7 'Toby' - brown/grey livery, screw couplings, interior detail REDUCED
Marklin DB black livery BR91 2-6-0T loco, sprung buffers, Marklin couplings, metal bodied  

Class 02 0-4-0D from Wagon and Carriage Works etched brass kit, fitted with LGB chassis, BR green livery as D2867, sprung buffers, screw couplings, cab detail  

Loco Kits & Parts

Ref Description New/SH
L/4444 4'0" diameter 10 spoke turned cast iron wheels by Mark Wood, 42mm back to back, insulated, with crank pins, unused, 3 sets  
Cab for Aster London Transport 0-6-0T Pannier Tank, lettered L90, slight mark to cab roof slider  
LGB 4 wheel chassis suitable for railcars etc, 85mm wheelbase with 37mm diameter wheels. Boxed and as new  
2 rail power bogie, Slaters disc wheels (3' 7" diameter), double ended motor driving both axles through gearsets, brass chassis, mounting bracket, requires pick-ups, 9' 3" wheelbase  
L/4510 Tenmille transfers for Lynton & Barnstable Southern Loco - Transfers cat no AG213T