7mm Catalogue - Collectors Items

Ref Description New/SH
Original Price
Sale Price
Bassett-Lowke 0-6-0 BR/LNER J39 2 or 3 rail, BR black livery with late BR crest as no 64757 (cat no BL99031/A) N £485.00 £365.00

Bassett-Lowke red N.E. 20T brake van, roof repainted, one side excellent litho, other with small rust mark (see pictures) SH £95.00 £75.00
Bassett-Lowke green cased No 627 resistance controlled in good condition SH £15.00 £11.25

Carrette for Bassett-Lowke LMS brake van, litho in good condition with some minor marks, roof marked but paint original, all buffers and couplings SH £60.00 £45.00

Bing for Bassett-Lowke LNER teak full brake, opening doors (one handle broken but working) cast spoke wheels, all buffers and couplings, litho in good condition, paint chip to roof (see picture) C 1918 - 9 1/2" long over buffers SH £95.00 £70.00

Bassett-Lowke red NE 20T brake van, roof repainted, litho excellent on one side, scratch on the other(see picture), nice condition SH £100.00 £75.00
LNER 3 rail J50 0-6-0T, body from CCW kit, scratchbuilt chassis, centre driver flangeless, single link couplings, lined apple green livery, lettered 'LNER' and with No 3226 SH £345.00 £250.00
Minic Vauxhall loudspeaker car (19M) missing both bumpers and with replacement loudspeaker. Blue body in good order, some marks to black mud guards, with driver and passenger SH £60.00 £45.00

Bassett-Lowke 1931 series LMS all 1st coach, one damaged buffer, no corridor connections, litho in good condition, roof appears to be original paint SH £125.00 £95.00

Bassett-Lowke LMS 20T brake van, litho in good condition, B/L wheels, buffers and couplings, roof has some scratch marks SH £45.00 £33.75

Carrette LMS brake van, one axleguard resoldered, original buffers and wheels, litho in good condition, some scratches to roof and chimney missing SH £35.00 £26.25

Bassett-Lowke electric A3 4-6-2 60103 'Flying Scotsman'. In BR lined green livery, original wheels, buffers, couplings, litho in very good condition SH £925.00 £700.00
Bassett-Lowke hydraulic buffer stop, in working order and good condition, B/L label underneath SH £15.00 £11.25

Exley K5 GWR corridor all 1st, litho in good condition, all couplings and corridor connections, fitted single link couplings and Bassett-Lowke bogies and wheels SH £195.00 £150.00
Bassett-Lowke LMS brown open wagon, post-war, in good condition but lacking one coupling link - unboxed SH £25.00 £20.00
Bassett-Lowke Grey 20T Brake van, original wheels, buffers and couplings - slight mark to one side (see photo) and to roof - running number 837354 SH £30.00 £22.50
Bassett-lowke LMS brown 13T open wagon, original wheels, coupling droppers changed to single link at one end, 3 link at the other, litho in fair/good condition SH £20.00 £15.00