7mm Catalogue - Coaches

Ref Description New/SH
Original Price
Sale Price
BR Mk 1Full Brake, widened Lima body with extruded aluminium roof, single link couplings, corridor connections, lined BR maroon livery, flush glazed windows, cast Mk1 bogies with steel wheels SH £145.00 £110.00

LMS kitchen car, Exley coach repainted in BR carmine and cream livery, original Exley bogies fitted with Slaters fine scale wheels, single link couplings SH £265.00 £200.00

Heljan BR Mk 1 coach 2nd/corridor SK in Maroon KD couplings SH £200.00 £200.00

Heljan BR Mk 1 coach first FK in Maroon KD couplings SH £200.00 £200.00

Heljan BR Mk 1 coach Brake/second BSK in Maroon KD/screw couplings SH £200.00 £200.00
Rake of 4 Lima coaches fitted with 3CEE sides to represent BR Southern region set 512 comprising barke 3rd x 2, all 1st x 1 all in BR green & 1 x kitchen car in blood and custard livery. All fitted cast Mk1 bogies with Slaters wheels added underframe detail and spratt & winkle couplings at end end of rake SH £450.00 £350.00

Stanier 57' 0" corridor 1st/brake in LMS period III lined maroon livery, full interior, corridor connections, screw couplings, steel wheels SH £225.00 £175.00

Stanier 57' 0" corridor 3rd/brake in LMS period III lined maroon livery, full interior, screw couplings, Slaters wheels, sprung buffers SH £225.00 £175.00

LMS non-corridor all 3rd, repainted Exley coach fitted scale wheels, single link couplings, interior detail, lined maroon livery lettered 'LMS' and running no 19166 SH £195.00 £150.00

LMS 1st corridor 'Porthole' coach, lined LMS maroon livery, running no 5762, full interior detail with passengers SH £195.00 £150.00

LMS Stannier corridor all 3rd, full interior, single link couplings, corridor connections, lined maroon livery and lettered 'LMS', crest in middle of coach and running no 459 SH £185.00 £140.00

LMS Stanier 50' full brake, lined maroon livery with running no 2763, Wayoh bogies, corridor connections, 3 link couplings SH £175.00 £135.00

LMS (ex LNWR) 50' panelled full brake, LMS lined maroon livery (period 3) with no 32519. Sprung buffers, corridor connections, requires couplings SH £185.00 £140.00

LMS Stanier open 1st/3rd, corridor connections, full interior, screw couplings, lined period 3 maroon livery, no 9730 with LMS coach roundel SH £225.00 £175.00

LMS all 1st corridor coach 50' 0" long, period 3 lined maroon livery no 2721, single link couplings, full interior detail with passengers, 7' 0" bogies SH £165.00 £125.00

LMS restaurant car LMS period 3 lined maroon livery, no 2715, full interior detail, lamps etc, single link couplings, Slaters wheels SH £195.00 £150.00